How is extended travel calculated?

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To figure out how extended travel is calculated use google maps and measure from the city center to the property address.


To measure from the city center, just use the city name and state in the first field and your property address in the second.

  • Portland, OR to the property address

  • Seattle, WA to the property address


If an order was placed to shoot at the above address, we would only charge that agent for 1.6 miles of extended travel or $6.40.

As always, feel free to contact us via phone, text, or email if you would like us to let you know what the charge will be before you place your order.

A couple of notes for extended travel billing:

  • We do not bill you if the distance is not a full mile over 20 miles.

  • If google shows multiple routes, we calculate using the shortest route measured in miles.

  • If you have multiple properties close to each other (on the same street, in the same condo, etc) and you schedule them one right after the other with the same photographer, we will only charge for the extended travel once. 

We charge extended travel as a way to reimburse our photographers for their time, fuel, and wear and tear on their vehicles.  The extended travel fees are paid to them.

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