What are the differences between Digital Twilight, Twilight Scheduling, and Signature Lit Up Exterior for dusk photography?

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Digital Twilight photos are photo editor enhanced daytime photos that are converted to twilight photos.

  • This is a good option for a property that you don't want to spend the full amount for a full twilight shoot or if there isn't any availability for twilight scheduling to meet your deadlines.

  • If these images are looked at hard enough, you can tell that they are digitally enhanced in shadowed areas and in windows.

Twilight Scheduling photos are scheduled based upon sunset timing

  • If you schedule the whole shoot with Twilight Scheduling, our schedulers work backward from sunset to figure out your start time.  

  • When the photographers arrive, they will get all exterior daytime shots and then move to rooms that would get dark fastest.  They will then move to the rooms that have big exterior views (like living areas, kitchens, and primary bedrooms) to get ambient twilight shots for you.  Lastly, they will shoot the exterior twilight shots.

  • Shadows and windows will be natural with this option.

  • Extra lighting is not used for this option.

  • Twilight scheduling can be used for aerial photography.

Signature Lit Up Exterior shots are scheduled based upon dusk timing.

  • When you order the Signature Lit Up Exterior add-on to Twilight Scheduling our scheduling team works backward from dusk to figure out your start time.

  • Only one Signature Lit Up Exterior shot is feasible during each sunset.  

    We combine three different images taken before, at, and after sunset to achieve the darker look of the signature lit up exteriors so once we set up the tripod to line this shot up, it has to stay there until the third shot is completed.

  • Extra lighting is used for this option.

  • Signature Lit Up Exterior cannot be done with aerial photography since we can't guarantee the drone to be in the same exact spot for three exposures.

    Twilight Photography Options

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